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Inspired interior design with wooden Mouldings

Interior design can often be a bit of a tough nut to crack, quite difficult to get it looking perfectly, but so easy to get it wrong. It’s time consuming, expensive and often takes a bit of specialist knowledge. So if you want a spruced up, unique living room, what do you do? Spring for an expensive designer to come in and do it all for you?

Well, if you’ve got money to burn, feel free. So where does that leave us mere mortals then? Do we head on over to Ikea and get the same as everybody else? Yes, you could do that.

You could take the hassle out of decor with Bliss and Birch, let’s run through a quick, easy but effective interior design project I completed in less than a day!
A put together a plan – a two-coloured wall separated with some Appliques and raised stencilling – and got to work.

I had already created some knee-height wall panels for some projects earlier. I was happy with them, but they didn’t really scream subtle interior design to me so first thing was first – I painted over them! Yes, I can hear the uproar, all that time wasted just to cover it in a dark grey paint, just bear with me.

Three wall panels which would be painted over as part of an accent wall interior design project
The dark section of my wall would be intersected by the wide floral 0118(IE) trim acting as a dado rail, some raised stencilling, another 0118(IE) trim and then a lighter grey. This meant that I didn’t have to be too neat with my lines when I was painted, as the trim was being stuck over it, at over 6cm wide, I had a fair bit of room to play with.

See, I told you interior design doesn’t have to be super precise with Stencils

A shot of the wall with they much darker grey on the bottom giving way to the lighter grey on top